The Season
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July 2010
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That's it. That's all.  After a year of following these athletes, our stories come to a conclusion, but not before Matt gives his year long project one last go and puts a whole lot of faith in the anti-cam.
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It's come down to the wire. Matt's foot and ankle took longer than the expected to heel. He couldn't climb again until this winter, but in his free time he went to work redesigning the anti cam. Now he's got three shiny pieces of gear, a renewed enthusiasm and a date with the guillotine flake.
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The race is finally here. The countdown has started and it's time to see how Scott Petett is going to do against some serious talent.
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Paul Kuthe and co have a decision to make. Stay or Bail?  After the flood wiped out their camp it would be easy to give up on their season's goal.

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Anya Miller tackles some of Gold Bar's tallest problems.  Her goal this  season was to stay healthy and start sending, move to the big city, get  married. It's time to send.

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Jonaven's season is nearing its conclusion, but before that happens he's got a statement to make. An unexpected window of weather and avalanche stability allows a trip to the Tantalus where Jonaven and snowboarder Jeremy Jones put their "climb what you ride" mentality into action.
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Dr. Scott Petett is on the move. After a season of dialing it, it's time for the race up in Whistler. The backyard trails lead straight to mountain biking's main stage.

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The Anti Cam is ready for testing.  Matt is about to find out whether his vision is pipe dream or possibility.  Shot in Squamish at the Smoke Bluffs. 

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Anya Miller was desperate for answers. What caused her to hurt herself? Was there even a reason? A year after her last surgery, Anya is back in form, sending hard, tall and proud problems.

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Winter arrived like it was pissed off.  November in Whistler was one of the best months of skiing ever, yet Jonaven Moore was no where to be found.  The caboose was for sale.  He had moved to a trailed on Vancouver Island's lonely coast. Jonaven put his heart into the ocean and surfing



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